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What Are You Looking For?


If you're looking to amp up your sound, the SWP8 Passive Subwoofer could be the answer to your audio prayers. Perfect for boats, ATVs, and other indoor/outdoor marine and spa environments, this powerful subwoofer features 100 Watt total power and an 8" cone for the vibrations you want to feel as well as hear. A tuned port allows users to intentionally showcase their audio to sonic perfection, and multi-environment protection ensures your subwoofer will be with you and your music for years to come.


  • 100W Total Power Rated at 100W of Total Power output and a frequency response of 26Hz-125Hz.

  • 8" Cone An 8” cone will amplify your bass to give you just the right sound.

  • Dual Voice Coil Connect your device via stereo RCA cable.

  • Tuned Port Provides an outstanding subwoofer performance while showcasing your favorite music in all its sonic glory.

  • Multi-Environment Protection Install anywhere with waterproof (rated IPx4), UV, and salt/fog resistant protection, enabling reliable performance in the toughest environmental conditions

  • 2 Year Warranty This product comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration online or via the Aquatic AV App.

What's In The Box?

  • SWP8 Passive Subwoofer.

  • User/Installation Manual.

Environment Installation Instructions

  • There is a 4-pin connector on the subwoofer. The 4 wires are 2 sets of speaker wires. The first set of wires from the subwoofer, white and purple, will be connected to the left side speaker wires from the stereo and the second set of wires, white and green, will be connected to the right speaker from the stereo.

  • Connect the 4-pin female connector from the subwoofer to the 4-pin male speaker wires from the stereo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many devices can I connect to my SWP8 Passive Subwoofer?

A1. The SWP8 is a passive subwoofer and has only one set of inputs; this means it can only connect to one other device. The device can be connected via a stereo RCA cable.

Q2. Does the SWP8 include stereo functions like the SWA6 and SWA6+?

A2. No. Unlike the SWA6 models, the SWP8 is a passive subwoofer, which means it is meant to be connected to an external stereo, like a subwoofer in someone's car might be.

Q3. I am about to install the subwoofer. What do you recommend?

A3. To install the subwoofer in a wood environment, use soft fabrics around it for the best sound.

Q4. What is the warranty period for the SWP8 Passive Subwoofer?

A4. All Aquatic AV products have 2 years warranty and another 90 days if you register your product.





Passive Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer

Cone Size:


Frequency Response:

26 – 125 Hz


4 Ohm & 2 Ohm stable

Power (max):






Chassis Material:


Cone Material:





368.3 x 279.4 x 144.2 mm

Additional Features:

Tuned Port


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