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What Are You Looking For?


If you're looking for a high-quality compact remote with impressive range to control your marine/outdoor/powersports or other audio in any environmental condition, look no further than the WR6 Wired Remote Control. This remote control connects to Aquatic AV 6-Series audio products and thanks to its water and environment proof protection can be wired just about anywhere.


  • 2-Way Communication So you can control your system remotely while viewing song, track, and other system information including triggers on the back-lit LCD screen.

  • 6-Series Compatible The WR6 Wired Remote easily connects to Aquatic AV 6-Series products including the BLUECUBE6 Series, SWA6 Series, MP6, and CP6.

  • Standard Gauge Size Mounts flush onto a flat surface and require an extension cable (sold separately – see EXT-24).

  • Multi-Environment Protection Install anywhere with waterproof (rated IP65), UV, and salt/fog resistant protection, enabling reliable performance in the toughest environmental conditions

  • 2 Year Warranty This product comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration online or via the Aquatic AV App.

What's In The Box?

  • Wires remote control

  • Screws

  • Mounting bracket

Environment Install Instructions

Plug in the wired remote control to the black wire on the back of the stereo that says “Wired Remote”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which devices are compatible with the WR6 Wired Remote?

A1. This product was designed for use with Aquatic AV 5-Series products including Aquatic AV 6-Series products including the BLUECUBE6 Series, SWA6 Series, MP6, and CP6.

Q2. Does this remote require an extension cable?

A2. Yes, this product requires an extension cable in order to mount to a flat surface. The EXT-24 extension cable can be purchased separately.

Q3. What is the warranty period for this remote control?

A3. All Aquatic AV products have 2 years warranty and another 90 days if you register your product.

Q4. I have stereo model AQ-MP-5UBT-S. Can I purchase this wired remote control?

A4. No, it will not be compatible with your stereo. A series 5 stereo is only compatible series 5 remotes, like the WR5.

Q5. Can I change the stereo and keep my current wired remote control?

A5. Each stereo model has its own remote control. For example, a series 6 stereo will only work with the WR6 remote. A series 5 stereo will only work with the WR5 remote.

Q6. What are the dimensions of that wired remote control?

A6. The dimensions of the WR6 can be found below:





Fixed, Wired 2-Way Remote Control




Yes – IP65 & CFR46



Power Requirements:

12V DC, 50mA (off stereo)

Standby Power:


UV Protection:

ASTM D4329, 500hrs stable

Salt/Fog Protection:

ASTM B117, 500hrs stable

Outside Diameter:


Surface Depth:


Cut-out Diameter:


Mounting Depth:



Extension cables (sold separately): 3ft: EXT-3, 24ft: EXT-24, Y-cable/splitter: AQ-Y-1

Additional Features:

Polished Stainless Steel Bezel


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