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AD600.5 Five Channel Amplifier (AD605)
AD600.5 Five Channel Amplifier (AD605)

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What Are You Looking For?


If you're looking for maximum sound in your marine or powersports environment, the AD600.5 Amplifier was made for you. With a massive 600 Watt total power and digital technology to produce less heat and lower battery strain, your audio can be streamlined for efficiency while still being loud enough to produce high-quality audio in any environment. Shockwave technology reduces unwanted noise for a crisp, clear sound and waterproof protection ensures this amplifier can withstand even harsh environmental conditions so the party never has to stop.


  • 600 Watt Amplifier With 600W of pure power, this 5-channel amplifier packs a serious punch even in the loudest of environments.

  • Digital (Class D) Technology Digital (Class D) amplifiers produce less heat, lowering power consumption and reducing strain on batteries.

  • Gain Controls This device comes with gain controls to match the output of the stereo to the amplifier.

  • Shockwave Technology Shockwave technology reduces unwanted EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) to prevent unwanted noise in your audio system.

  • Bridge Mode Bridge Mode allows the power of each channel to be combined for maximum output; this mode is ideal for use with a single subwoofer.

  • Various of Applications Designed to support a variety of applications, this amplifier runs at both 4ohms and 2ohms. Running 2ohm configurations is ideal for powering more speakers, making it a great choice for environments with high background noise.

  • Multi-Environment Protection This device is fully waterproof (rated IP65) and UV/salt/fog resistant to ensure reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.

  • 2 Year Warranty This product comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration online or via the Aquatic AV App.

What's in the Box?

  • Waterproof Amplifier

  • Four (4) Stainless Steel Self Tapping Mounting Screws

  • User/Installation Manual

Environment Installation Instructions

On the stereo, locate the following:

1. Locate the Rear line output RCA.

2. Locate the Front line output RCA.

2. Locate the blue remote trigger wire.

On the amplifier, locate the following:

1. Locate your RCA input.

2. Locate your Speaker wire output (Gray/Black, Gray, White/Black, White).

Please note: The Gray set of speaker wires are your right side, and the White set of speaker wires are your left side.

3. Locate your power and ground wire.


1. Connect your right speaker to the amplifier's gray set of wire (solid gray is your positive, and gray/black is your negative).

2. Connect your left speaker to the amplifier's white set of wires (solid white is your positive, and white/black is your negative).

3. Connect the Input RCA (Red, Black and Red, and White) from the amplifier to the Output RCA from the unit.

4. Connect the blue remote trigger wire from the stereo to the amplifier's blue wire.

5. Connect the ground and power wire from the amplifier to your battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I set the bass boost?

A1. The amplifier includes a Bass Boost circuit that acts much like an equalizer with a variable gain fixed at 50Hz. Use this control to tune low-frequency (bass) responses. The added boost produces rich, full bass tones that are typically difficult to reproduce.

  1. Set the Bass Boost control to off.

  2. Listen to a variety of music styles and increase the bass boost control until you notice an increase in low bass response.

If you don’t want to boost the bass frequencies, set this control to a minimum.

Q2. My music is coming out distorted, what could be the issue?

A2. If your music is coming out distorted it's possible that the gain is not properly set or the speaker cones are damaged. Review instructions for setting gain and inspect each speaker cone for signs of damage, such as a frozen cone or burning smell.

Q3. Can I bridge channels together to get more power?

A3. The gain control allows the nominal operating level of the amplifier to be set from 200mV to 4V for RCA inputs or 600mV to 10V for speaker level inputs.

After installation, follow these steps and then follow section 6.4 Final System Checks.

1. Turn the gain control all the way counterclockwise.
2. Turn the ignition switch on.
3. Turn the source unit on.
4. Turn loudness off and set all tone or equalization controls to flat positions.
5. Play music content from the source unit and set the volume to 75% of the full level.
6. Slowly increase the gain control. Stop when you hear a slight distortion in the signal and decrease the gain slightly below this threshold.

Q4. What are the dimensions on the amplifier? I'm not sure if it will fit.

A4. A photo is attached for reference.





Class D Digital Amplifier



Output Modes:

Mono, Stereo, Bridge


Yes – IP65

Conformal Coated PCB:


Heavy Duty Waterproof Connectors:


Input Channels:

5x RCA

Speaker Level Input:

5 channels

Output Channels:


Input Impedance:

22k (RCA), 470 Ohms (speaker)

Output impedance (per channel):

4 Ohms / 2 Ohms

Power Output (max):


Power Output (max) @ 4 Ohms, ≤1% THD:

4x 50W + 1x 200W

Power Output (max) @ 2 Ohms, ≤1% THD:

4x 75W + 1x 300W

Power Output – Bridged @ 4 Ohms, THD ≤1%:

2x 150W

S/N (A-weighted, 1W @ 4 Ohms):


Frequency Response:

10-20kHz (1CH to 4CH), 10-250Hz (5CH)

Channel Separation:


Input Sensitivity (Low Level):

200mV to 4V

Input Sensitivity (High Level):

600mV to 10V

Bridge Mode:

Yes (CH1 – CH4)

Bass Boost Adjustment:

Variable 0 to +18dB (Sub CH)

Bass Boost Frequency:


High Pass Electronic Crossover (12dB/Oct.):

Variable 50 – 250Hz

Low Pass Electronic Crossover (12dB/Oct.):

Variable 50 – 250Hz

Current Draw:

<2mA standby

Gain Control Type:

Variable Gain Control

Ground Loop Isolation Input Circuit:


Allowable Battery Voltage

10.8V – 15.6V

Power Fuse:

Yes in Power Cable

Dimensions (WxDxH):

316.5 x 113 x 45.5mm

Additional Features:

Nickel plated connectors

LED Indicator

Remote Turn-On

Turn-On/Off Muting Circuit (Soft Mute)


Owner's Manual

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