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SPORT 6.5" Speakers for Harley (AQ-SPK6.5-4HS)
SPORT 6.5" Speakers for Harley (AQ-SPK6.5-4HS)

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Written by Aquatic AV
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What Are You Looking For?


If you’re looking for high-performance speakers with a sleek, sporty design and luxury quality at non-luxury prices, the SPORT 6.5″ Speakers for Harley-Davidson could be the perfect choice. With 200 Watt total power and adjustable 1″ tweeters to direct the sound wherever you need, these speakers allow you to enjoy optimal audio no matter the locale. Waterproof and dustproof, these speakers are made to last and are ready to stand up to the toughest conditions wherever you ride.


  • Sleek Design A silk tweeter and aluminum basket help to create a beautiful speaker and a breathtakingly sonic experience.

  • Classic Wave Logo Badge The Sport 6.5″ Speakers showcase Aquatic AV’s classic wave logo badge.

  • 200W Total Power These 4ohm speakers are rated at 200W total power (100W RMS) so your ride can be heard from miles away.

  • Frequency Response 65Hz – 20kHz guarantees a rich, high-quality sound from these speakers.

  • Adjustable Tweeter Adjust and rotate the 1″ silk tweeter to direct the sound wherever you want it.

  • Amplify Your Sound Pair with one of our compatible waterproof amplifiers (AD300.2Micro, AD500.4, or AD600.5) to upgrade your sound for the ultimate audio experience even in the loudest environments.

  • Multi-Environment Protection This device is fully waterproof (rated IP65) and UV/salt/fog resistant to ensure reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.

  • 2 Year Warranty This product comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration online or via the Aquatic AV App.

What's In the Box?

  • 2 Speakers

  • 2 Crossover Cables

  • 2 Speaker Grills

  • 14 Speaker Screws

Environment Installation Instructions

  1. Using the screws provided, mount the speaker grill directly onto your stock speaker fairing. If the magnet sticks out too much and you cannot close the fairing, feel free to remove the black back basket.

  2. Mount the speakers directly to the grills, then use the provided crossover cable and plug it into the speakers' terminal (the bigger connector is positive and the smaller connector is negative).

  3. Locate the speaker wires of your Harley and connect the crossover cable with your Harley's speaker wires.

  4. Turn on your radio and enjoy the beautiful sound quality of the SPORT 6.5" Speakers from Aquatic AV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I cannot fit the SPORT 6.5" Speakers for Harley inside my fairing. The magnet is too big. Isn't this supposed to fit all Harleys up to 2013?

A1. The Aquatic AV SPORT 6.5″ Speakers for Harley-Davidson will not fit all Harleys, like the Aquatic AV ULTRA 6.5″ Speakers for Harley-Davidson, which has a smaller magnet. If you cannot install this speaker inside your fairing, I would recommend you swap to the Aquatic AV ULTRA 6.5″ Speakers for Harley-Davidson.

Q2. I have SPORT 6.5" Speakers for Harley. The tweeter sticks out too much. What can I do to fit them inside my fairing?

A2. You can remove the black back basket. These are more for cosmetics, but if you don’t mind the look, you can just remove the basket, and it should fit just fine.

Q3. What is the warranty period for these speakers?

A3. All Aquatic AV products have 2 years warranty and another 90 days if you register your product.





Full range, 2-way Speaker





Cone Size:


Tweeter Size:


Outside Diameter:

167.8mm (includes mounting ring)

Mounting Hole Diameter:


Mounting Depth:



4 Ohm



Frequency Response:

65Hz – 20kHz

Power (Total):

200W (2x 100W)

Power (RMS):

100W (2x 50W)

Basket Material:


Cone Material:

PP Injection

Additional Features:

Adjustable Tweeter direction


Mounting Rings & Hardware (all included)


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