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What Are You Looking For?


If you’ve ever found yourself in a wet or hazardous environment looking for a way to safely protect your phone from the elements while simultaneously using it to listen to your favorite tunes, the DM6+ Digital Media Locker was designed specifically for you. Not only does this media locker fit most smartphones, but it can also play music via Bluetooth/MP3/USB/AUX or FM radio by simply closing the door and powering the locker on. Waterproof and UV/salt/fog resistant, the DM6+ is ready to stand up to the toughest conditions while keeping your phone safe and dry so you can relax and enjoy the high-end auditory experience you’ve been looking for without compromising your adventurous side. Additionally, the DM6+ comes with a fully waterproof, floating remote control so you can control your device from anywhere within range.


  • Bluetooth / MP3 / USB / AUX Stream music from your favorite device with support for Bluetooth Audio, MP3, USB, and AUX with a 3.5mm jack input.

  • FM Radio Enjoy FM listening wherever you go and save your favorite stations with 3 FM presets available. Compatible with both US and European frequencies.

  • Easy Control Control your device using the external door controls or remotely using the waterproof, floating RF6 remote (included with the DM6+).

  • DSP EQ Apply EQ settings to enhance music content or adjust bass and treble for a personally tailored sonic experience.

  • 288 Watt Amplifier Power up to 8 speakers or a combination of speakers and subwoofers thanks to a powerful 288W amplifier. Class A/B amplifier, 2 Ohm stable.

  • Remote Included Connect the included RF6 wireless remote control to manage your music, view track info, and control your device’s features, including DSP EQ, Virtual Bass, and more.

  • 12V Triggers Built-In Control up to two external devices from the stereo or remote control, including amplifiers and deck or spot lighting directly.

  • Virtual Bass This feature uses digital technology to enhance your device’s bass response for a luxurious sound regardless of size.

  • Multi-Environment Protection This device is fully waterproof (rated IP65) and UV/salt/fog resistant to ensure reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.

  • Protect Your Device Place your device inside the locker and secure the door to protect your phone in harsh environments.

  • 2 Year Warranty This product comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration online or via the Aquatic AV App.

What's in the Box?

  • AQ-DM-6UBT Digital Media Locker

  • 2-Way RF Waterproof Remote Control (AQ-RF-6UBT-T)

  • 12-pin Wiring Harness (AQ-UNH-2)

  • Six (6) Stainless Steel Mounting Screws

  • User/Installation Manual

  • Bluetooth Antenna (AQ-BTANT-1)

Environment Install Instruction

  • Install on boat (with ignition): yellow wire (+12 V DC), red wire (switch), black wire (ground).

  • Install on spa / home (no ignition): join the yellow and red wire together like "Y" and put it in +12 V DC. Black wire (ground).

  • Dimensions for the mounting hole: 183mm (W) x 53mm (H).

  • Power supply, if needed, must be 12 V DC and 5 A. Available for purchase from Aquatic AV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does it have internal amplifier?

Yes; the internal amplifier will give you a max of 288 W [power (max): 4x 45W (4 Ohms), 4x 72W (2 Ohms)].

Q2. I lost my remote control. What can I do now?

If you lose your remote you can purchase a new remote control from our online store. Keep in mind that only the RF6 model of remote control will work with your DM6+ Digital Media Locker. Until the remote control is delivered, use the buttons on the door of the unit to change the mode, increase the volume, etc.

Q3. Can I add an external amplifier?

Yes, you can. Make sure the amplifier has RCA cables. Our DM6+ stereo connects to external amplifiers through RCA cables. Do not power off the internal amplifier. By default, it is powered on and should remain powered on, even after connecting an external amplifier.

Q4. I just installed the stereo. It is powered on. Now I have to pair my remote control. How do I do that?

To pair the remote control with your DM6+ Stereo Locker, follow these steps:

1. Hold the RF6 remote control within 0.5 meter of the stereo.

2. Press and hold "MODE" on the remote control until the LCD shows “Pairing in Progress”, then release the button.

3. Within 2 seconds, the LCD should read “Paired”. If the remote fails to pair, the LCD will read, “Retry Again”. If this happens, wait 5 seconds and repeat the steps above.

Q5. My Bluetooth does not work anymore. I was able to connect via Bluetooth before, but now it is not working.

If you are suddenly unable to connect to Bluetooth, try resetting your stereo. First, turn off or unplug your DM6+. Leave the device powered off for at least 15 seconds; during this time open your phone or Bluetooth device and "forget" AQUATIC AV from your Bluetooth menu. After 15 seconds have passed, power on the stereo and add it as a new device to your Bluetooth connections menu before attempting to pair again.

Q6. What do the red and the blue lights mean?

A red light means the device is on stand by. A blue light shows that one of the modes is active. To determine which mode is active, look on the left-hand side of the power button. The current mode will have a small light in front of it to indicate the mode the stereo is currently in. The other way to check the stereo's current mode is check the remote control; "BT radio" means Bluetooth radio.

Q7. Is it waterproofed?

Yes, it is. All Aquatic AV products are waterproofed.





Digital Media Locker

Supported Media:

Bluetooth Audio, USB, MP3, WMA, FM radio, Aux

Supported Media Max. Dims:

107 x 184mm (WxH)

Detachable Faceplate:




Device Charging:

via USB

Device Control:

via Door Controls & RF Remote Control

RF Remote Control:

Floating design, waterproof (IP66), back-lit LCD, 40ft range

Remote Control Charging:

via internal dock or via USB

Halo Aerial Technology:



1x USB, 1x 3.5mm jack, 1x stereo pair RCA Aux, Bluetooth


2x stereo pair RCA (4V)

FM Tuner:

3x pre-set memory, switchable US/Euro frequencies

Power (max):

4x 45W (4 Ohms) / 4x 72W (2 Ohms)

Frequency Response:

20Hz – 20kHz

Operation Voltage:

9.6V – 14.4V DC

Current Draw:

6mA (standby), 7A (max)


Yes – IP65

Conformal PCB Coating:


Fascia Material:


Chassis Material

ZAM coated



UV Protection:

ASTM D4329 compliant, 500hrs stable

Salt/Fog Protection:

ASTM B117 compliant, 500hrs stable

Dimensions (HxWxD):

228 x 178.5 x 92mm


RF Remote Control AQ-RF-6UBT (included)

Additional Features:

12V External Device Trigger (12V DC, 2A)

LED ‘Mode’ indication

Blue LED illumination of internal dock

Virtual Bass, DSP EQ, Bass/Treble, Balance/Fader

Stainless Steel mounting hardware


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