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BLUECUBE6+ Hide-Away Stereo (BC621)
BLUECUBE6+ Hide-Away Stereo (BC621)

Support Resources for the BLUECUBE6+ Hide-Away Stereo

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What Are You Looking For?


If you're looking for high-quality sound with minimal visibility, the BLUECUBE6+ Hide-Away Stereo is a great choice. Its discreet design makes it a great option for spas and other environments where conditions may involve water, chemicals, and/or a need to be unobtrusive. However, the BLUECUBE6+ is good for more than just staying out of sight. With a 288 Watt amplifier, the ability to power 8 speaker/subwoofers at once, and a handheld wireless remote control, this stereo provides optimal sound and relaxation for listening in any suitable environment.


  • Bluetooth / MP3 / USB / AUX Plays music wirelessly via a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, MP3 device, USB thumb drive, or AUX inputs (3.5mm Jack or RCA inputs).

  • FM Radio Listen to your favorite FM radio stations. Save your favorite stations with 3 FM presets available. Compatible with both US and European frequencies.

  • 288 Watt Amplifier Keep your system going with a 288W amplifier that powers up to 8 speakers or a combination of speakers and subwoofers.

  • Multi-Environment Protection Install anywhere with waterproof (rated IP65), UV, and salt/fog resistant protection, enabling reliable performance in the toughest environmental conditions.

  • Remote Control Includes a wireless handheld remote control with a built-in rechargeable battery and supplied with a USB charging cable to connect to any USB charger. Wired remote control WR6 also available (sold separately).

  • USB Charging This unit plays USB thumb drives with supported audio media and can charge USB devices including smartphones.

  • Halo Aerial Technology Receive a stronger Bluetooth signal and greater range in all directions over standard Bluetooth with Halo Aerial Technology.

  • Bridge Mode Easily power a subwoofer in addition to standard speakers by using the two rear speaker channels in Bridge Mode operation.

  • Virtual Bass Use digital technology to enhance bass response. Even on small speakers, the perceived bass frequencies are extended to create a more luxurious listening experience.

  • DSP EQ Allows common EQ settings to be applied to enhance music content, such as Pop, Classical, and Rock, or manually adjust bass and treble for a tailored sonic experience.

  • 12V Trigger Control an external device, such as an amplifier, deck, or spotlighting directly from the stereo or remote control. Output 12V DC, 3A max.

  • Two Year Warranty This product comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration online or via the Aquatic AV App.

What's in the Box?

  • BLUECUBE6+ Media Player (BC621, AQ-BC-6UBT-X)

  • RF6 Wireless Remote (AQ-RF-6UBT-T)

  • 12-pin Wiring Harness (AQ-UNH-2)

  • Four (4) Stainless Steel Mounting Screws

  • User/Installation Manual

  • USB Charging Cable (AQ-RF-6UBT-C)

  • Bluetooth Antenna

Environment Install Instruction

  • Install on boat (with ignition): yellow wire (+12 V DC), red wire (switch), black wire (ground).

  • Install on spa / home (no ignition): join the yellow and red wire together like "Y" and put it in +12 V DC. Black wire (ground).

  • Power supply, if needed, must be 12 V DC and 5 A. Available for purchase on our web store.

  • Dimensions of the unit: 202.51mm X 137.51mm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I wire the BLUECUBE6+ Hide-Away Stereo?

The BLUECUBE6+ Hide-Away Stereo and the BLUECUBE6 MINI Hide-Away Stereo both come with a separate harness with wires already stripped off and ready to be wired. Using that harness, you can track your power/ground/speaker wires and so on by looking at the provided wiring diagrams.

Q2. How do I pair my remote to the BLUECUBE6+ Hide-Away Stereo?

To pair your remote, plug in the gray box receiver to the receiver cable that is attached to the unit. Then, on the remote, press and hold the mode/pair button until you see the word "paired".

Q3. My BLUECUBE6+ Hide-Away Stereo LED light is not turning on. What could be the problem?

The LED light on the BLUECUBE6+ Hide-Away Stereo tells you if the unit is powered ON/OFF. If your LED light is not on, but the unit is working fine, then the LED light is likely dead. If the LED light is not on, and the unit is not functioning at all, try to unplug the harness and any power source going to the unit. Let the unit sit for 15-30 minutes and then reconnect it to see if your problem is solved.

If the stereo is still not working after the above steps, please contact our Support team at [email protected] for further assistance.

Q4. What is the difference between the BLUECUBE6 MINI Hide-Away Stereo and BLUECUBE6+ Hide-Away Stereo?

The main difference between these stereos is that the (+) model lets you stream music through a USB port, provides access to AM/FM radio, and comes with a remote control.

Q5. I lost my wireless remote control. Can I just buy any other remote control?

The remote control that works with your model is AQ-RF-6UBT-T. Each model works with its own remote control and is specific to that model type. For example, Unit 6 works with Remote Control 6. Unit 6 will not work with Remote Control 4, 5, 7 etc.

Q6 Is this stereo compatible with my old unit?

The stereo has the same 12-pin harness as your old model. If the model you have is 1, 2, 3, or 4 generation, the cables' color is the same, but the position of the pins on the harness is different. For example, the ground wire (black wire) used to be on pin 10, but is now on pin 12.

Q5 What is the diagram of the 12-pin plug-in?

Q6. The Bluetooth does not work any more. I was able to connect before, but not now. What should I do?

To reset the stereo:

  1. Power off the stereo or unplug the electricity going to the unit.

  2. Wait for 15 seconds.

  3. "Forget" the device in your phone's Bluetooth connections menu.

  4. Turn on or plug in your stereo.

  5. Add the stereo back to your phone's Bluetooth connections menu and pair with the stereo.

Q7. Does it have an internal amplifier?

Yes, it does. The internal amplifier's total power is 288 Watt [Power (max): 4x 45W (4 Ohms), 4x 72W (2 Ohms)]. The internal amplifier is powered on by default; do not power off the amplifier, as this could lead to a lack of or poor sound. If you add an external amplifier in the future, make sure to keep the internal amplifier powered on.

Q8. I lost my remote control. What is the model of the remote control I need to buy as a replacement?

The model is AQ-RF-6UBT-T. This remote and others are available for purchase online from the Aquatic AV website.




Supported Media:

Bluetooth Audio, USB, MP3, WMA, FM, AUX

Device Control:

via device or remote control

Device Charging:

Yes – via USB

Remote Control Charging:

Yes – via USB

Halo Aerial Technology:



Bluetooth, 1x USB, 1x stereo pair RCA


2x stereo pair RCA (4V)

FM Tuner:

3x FM pre-set memory (US/Euro frequencies)

Power (max):

4x 45W (4 Ohms) / 4x 72W (2 Ohms)

Amplifier Type:

Class A/B (2 Ohm stable)

Operation Voltage:

9.6V – 14.4V DC

Current Draw:

6mA (standby), 7A (max)


Yes – IP65

UV Protection:

ASTM D4329 compliant, 500hrs stable

Salt/Fog Protection:

ASTM B117 compliant, 500hrs stable

Dimensions (HxWxD):

59.5 x 202.51 x 137.51mm


RF6 Handheld Remote Control (included)

WR6 Wired Remote Control (sold separately)

Additional Features:

Virtual Bass

Bridge Mode (rear channel subwoofer output)

DSP EQ, Bass/Treble, Balance/Fader, Loudness

External Trigger (12V DC, 2A)

Stainless steel mounting hardware


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