How-to Register Your Aquatic AV Product
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Registering your product with Aquatic AV is a great way to not only activate a 2-year warranty for your device's protection, but can also be a great way to manage, organize, and even control select devices if you choose to register using the Aquatic AV app.

You can register your Aquatic AV product(s) online (instructions here) or using the app (instructions here). Existing customers can login to add or manage new products anytime through their Aquatic AV user portal.

When registering, it's essential to fill out every field. You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Contact information. After clicking or tapping "Create an Account", you will be asked to fill in your name, e-mail address, and desired password. Next you will be prompted to fill in your address and phone number so that we can reach you regarding your product, respond to any inquiries you send our way, and locate support in your area. Rest assured that we will never spam you or sell your data. We know privacy is important to you - it's important to us too.

  • Environment. Environments are a way of organizing your Aquatic AV devices for easy access and management. Your account comes with preset environments including Lighting, Marine, Motorcycles, and Powersports/ATV, but you can also create custom environments with unique names and icons to organize your devices. Simply select the environment or create a custom environment by clicking/tapping the environment you want to add your product to.

  • Device category. Peruse the category of available Aquatic AV devices, including popular products, source units, speakers and more. Your Aquatic AV account makes it easy to find and select the category to which your device belongs with a simple tap or click.

  • Device selection. After clicking a product category you will be presented with a collection of devices in that category. Select your product from this list of compatible devices to begin registration and move to the next step.

  • Device name. Choose a name for the device you want to add and type it into the box. You can name the device whatever you want, just make sure it's something you'll remember to make device management as easy as possible within the app and/or your account. Some examples may include "Bob's RGB Controller" or "Super Cool Boat Speaker".

  • Register device. Registering your device adds 90 days to your existing warranty and is a great way to get the most out of your Aquatic AV experience. To finish adding and registering your device in your Aquatic AV account, type in your product's serial number*, purchase location, purchase date, and a photo of your receipt. This information will be reviewed by the Aquatic AV support team and approved as soon as possible to confirm that your product is registered!

*The serial number for your product can typically be found on the box the device came in, but may also be on the chassis or back plate if applicable to your product. If you still cannot locate your device's serial number, please reach out to the Aquatic AV Customer Support.

Once the above information has been submitted, an Aquatic AV Customer Support Team Member will review and attempt to verify your product registration. Once verified, we will send you an email confirming a successful registration! This email will also include a promo code for 10% off your next Aquatic AV purchase when purchasing directly from the Aquatic AV Store online, located here.

Please note: If you submit a product registration with missing or invalid information, an Aquatic AV Customer Support Team Member will follow-up to confirm any remaining details.

To learn more about the benefits of registering your product, check out our guide on Why You Should Register Your Product.

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