Introducing The Aquatic AV App

The easiest way to manage + control your Aquatic AV devices.

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What is the Aquatic AV App?

The Aquatic AV App lets you easily manage, control, and customize your Aquatic AV products. With this app you can register and group your Aquatic AV devices by environment for convenient access, and track product warranties for popular devices like the MP5 and MP5+ for Harley Radios, and the MP6, CP6, and GP1 stereos.

The Aquatic AV App also unlocks endless possibilities for color customization when paired with select Aquatic AV devices, including the PRO Sport + PRO Classic speakers/subwoofers and Ultra Saddlebag 6x9" Speaker Kit when paired with our RGB Controller. Select from thousands of colors and mix them to match your mood and music; every color in the rainbow is at your fingertips. The app allows you to save up to five of your favorite colors for quick and easy access; we have even supplied some of our favorite colors as presets to help you get started. With 15+ multi-color changing modes designed to fit a variety of moods, take your AV game to the next level.

How to download the Aquatic AV App:

The Aquatic AV App is available for download at the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Which devices are supported in the app?

The Aquatic AV App currently supports all our devices in regard to product registration, warranty tracking, environment organization, and account management. However, the color customization functions of the Aquatic AV App are only available for our RGB-capable devices when they are connected to an Aquatic AV RGB Controller.

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