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How to customize RGB speakers with the Aquatic AV App + RGB Controller

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What is RGB Lighting?

RGB lighting or Red/Green/Blue lighting refers to the presence of red, green, and blue color functions in a single device, which can be combined to produce millions of unique, customizable colors when connected to the right controller. Aquatic AV devices including the PRO Sport, PRO Classic, Elite, and more are RGB capable and can be paired with Aquatic AV's RGB Controller for access to any color in the rainbow at the simple touch of a screen.

By connecting your RGB Controller to the Aquatic AV App via Bluetooth, you can customize your device's illumination anytime, anywhere. Simply make sure your phone's Bluetooth function is turned on and the device is powered up before looking for a device called "AAV RGB" in your available devices list and pressing connect. Once your device is connected you can enjoy all the RGB lighting features Aquatic AV has to offer.

Adjusting Colors

To begin adjusting your device's color, first click the Lights tab within the app. The Aquatic AV App offers a dual-function color wheel that can be switched between a color ring or color circle to suit the user's preference.

To use the color wheel:

  1. First, make sure the Adjust tab is selected at the top of the page

  2. Drag a finger over the ring or circle until the desired color is produced.

  3. Users can adjust the brightness of their device's color illumination by dragging the dial left or right on the Brightness bar located directly below the wheel.

Preset Colors

The color wheel inside the Aquatic AV App comes with a collection of popular presets to make the decision easy for those who don't want to bother with customization right off the bat. These preset color selections appear underneath the color wheel and Brightness bar. However, users can also save their favorite colors, and these favorites will appear below the presets.

Color Modes

The Aquatic AV App comes ready with a variety of modes which can be viewed by clicking the Mode tab at the top of the page. Modes range by color and type, including single and multi-color pulsating, strobe, and party. The speed of the pulsation, strobe, or party lighting can also be adjusted using the Speed bar located below the modes.

Saving Your Favorites

From the Lights page, users can save their favorite custom colors for easy access in the future. These selections will appear below the preset colors at the bottom of the Adjust page and can be changed at any time.

To save a custom color as a favorite:

  1. Start on the Adjust page and toggle the color wheel to the color you want to save as a favorite.

  2. Tap the heart symbol below the Brightness bar. This will add the color to your collection of favorites.

3. Your favorites can be changed or viewed at anytime by going to the Favorite tab at the top of the page, selecting the color(s) you want to remove, and pressing the minus sign (-) at the top right hand corner of the page.

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