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SWA6+ Combined Stereo + Subwoofer (SW620)
SWA6+ Combined Stereo + Subwoofer (SW620)

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What Are You Looking For?


From boats and ATVs to indoor/outdoor marine and spa environments and more, if you're looking to boost your sound quality, the SWA6+ could be the answer. This combined stereo and subwoofer boasts an 8" cone to amplify your bass for the perfect vibration as well as a 288 Watt amplifier and built-in crossover capabilities to allow for easy connection of additional speakers without the hassle of hooking up an external amplifier. Built to perform in harsh environments with a handheld remote control included for convenience, the SWA6+ Combined Stereo and Subwoofer is waterproof and UV/salt/fog protected so the party never has to stop.


  • Bluetooth / AUX Stream music from your favorite device with support for Bluetooth Audio or AUX input via stereo RCA cable.

  • FM Radio Enjoy FM listening wherever you go and save your favorite stations with 3 FM presets available. Compatible with both US and European frequencies.

  • Built-In Crossovers Automatically balanced speaker and subwoofer outputs for perfect sound quality without the hassle.

  • USB Charging Recharge your USB devices anytime, anywhere with 2Amps charging speed.

  • 288 Watts Amplifier Power up to 8 speakers or a combination of speakers and subwoofers thanks to a powerful 288W amplifier. 4 Ohm and 2 Ohm stable.

  • 8” Cone The cone on this model is designed to amplify your bass for the perfect vibration.

  • 12V Triggers Built-In Control up to two external devices from the stereo or remote control, including amplifiers and deck or spot lighting directly.

  • Tuned Ports The tuned ports are designed for superior sound quality and improved bass response without increasing the size of the device.

  • Multi-Environment Protection This device is fully waterproof (rated IPx4) and UV/salt/fog resistant to ensure reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.

  • RF6 Remote Included Connect a wireless or wired remote to control your device and view track info wherever you want. This model is compatible and comes with the RF6 handheld wireless remote control.

  • 2 Year Warranty This product comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration online or via the Aquatic AV App.

What's In the Box?

  • SWA6+ Combined Stereo Subwoofer

  • User/Installation Manual

  • Bluetooth Halo Aerial Technology Antenna (AQ-BTANT-1)

  • Remote control

  • Charging cable for remote control

Environment Install Instructions

  • Install on boat (with ignition): yellow wire (+12 V DC), red wire (switch), black wire (ground).

  • Install on spa / home (no ignition): join the yellow and red wire together like "Y" and put it in +12 V DC. Black wire (ground).

  • Dimensions for the mounting hole: 183mm (W) x 53mm (H).

  • Power supply, if needed, must be 12 V DC and 5 A. Available for purchase from Aquatic AV.

  • Dimensions: 368.3 x 279.4 x 144.2 mm

Bluetooth Antenna Connection

Connect the Bluetooth Halo Aerial Technology Antenna (AQ-BTANT-1) to the male SMA connector. Do not apply excessive torque on the SMA connector (no more than 0.5N-m). Use hands to tighten the connection (do not use a wrench). To ensure that the range is maximized, make sure the arrow is pointing directly upward toward the sky when the antenna is mounted. If there is excess antenna cable length make sure this is coiled and not bent as bending it may cause damage to the cable. For spa or hot tub installation, the antenna should be located above the waterline otherwise Bluetooth range could be drastically reduced.

1. Connect the Bluetooth Antenna’s cable to the Halo Aerial Technology connector on the control panel, ensuring it is fully secure by turning clockwise until it is finger tight.

2. Make sure the arrow is pointing directly upward toward the sky when the antenna is mounted to ensure the Bluetooth range is maximized.

3. Screw on the provided Bluetooth Antenna and avoid bending the cable at more than a 60° angle. If there is no suitable surface to screw it into, we recommend using a quality double-sided tape.


The SWA6+ Combined Stereo Subwoofer’s power can be reduced or increased to suit different applications. An output level of -3dB or -6dB should be used to avoid blowing out very small speakers, often used in spa applications. By cutting only the white wire the output level will decrease to -6dB below the nominal 0dB. By cutting both the white and black wires the power/volume will increase to +6dB above the nominal 0dB. By cutting only the black wire the power/volume will increase from -3dB to the nominal 0dB. These modifications should only be carried out by an experienced audio installer.

Power On

The SWA6+ requires +12V DC to both the red and yellow wires. When both of these wires have power the SWA6+ is always powered on, and the green "Power On" LED will remain illuminated. Ground is connected to the black wire. In a spa application this requires the red and yellow wires to be jumped together and then connected to the +12VDC output of the power source. In this set up, the SWA6+ will always be on, with a very low current draw when idle. In a boat, ATV, or other application requiring power from a battery, the yellow wire (constant power) should be connected to the battery, and the red wire should be connected to the ignition or a switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am about to install the subwoofer. What do you recommend?

To install the subwoofer in a wood environment, use soft fabrics around it for the best sound.

Q2. Does it have an internal amplifier?

Yes, it does. The built-in amplifier is 288 Watt [Power (max): 72W x 2 (@ 2 Ohms) / 45W x 2 (@4 Ohms)].

Q3. Can I connect an external amplifier to the subwoofer?

Yes, you can. Make sure the amplifier has RCA cables. If the external amplifier does not have RCA cables it will not connect to the subwoofer. In this scenario, the subwoofer will connect to the amplifier, and the amplifier will connect to the speakers as follows: subwoofer > external amplifier > speakers. This will give you the best sound possible for this setup.

Q4. I lost my remote control. Where can I buy new one?

You can purchase a new remote control from Aquatic AV online. The remote control that is compatible with SWA6+ Combined Stereo and Subwoofer is the RF6 Remote.

Q5. How do I access the AUX mode?

If you have a device plugged into the AUX input (RCA input), and you do not have any other inputs currently active, your subwoofer should default to the AUX mode. If you have a device currently paired via Bluetooth to your subwoofer, you will be unable to access the AUX unless you either disconnect from Bluetooth or switch the modes using a 6-series remote (sold separately).

Q6. Can I use my SWA6+ Combined Stereo and Subwoofer by itself? Do I need more speakers?

Yes, you can use the SWA6+ by itself. Your all-in-one active subwoofer comes with a 288-watt amplifier built into the unit. You do not require additional speakers to play music from the device. However, adding speakers may improve the overall sound quality.

Q7. What is the difference between the SWA6 and the SWA6+?

The SWA6+ has more features compared to the SWA6, including FM radio, USB streaming, and a wireless remote control.





Bluetooth Ready Active Subwoofer with full range speaker output

Cone Size:


Frequency Response (Sub):

26 – 125 Hz


4 Ohm & 2 Ohm stable

Power (max):






Chassis Material:


Cone Material:



Bluetooth, USB, AUX (RCA)


Full range speaker outputs (Left & Right), 1x RCA stereo pair full range output

Device Charging:

via USB

Remote Ready:

RF remote receiver built in

Remote Control Charging:

via USB

FM Tuner:

3x FM pre-set memory. US/Euro frequencies

Frequency Response (Speaker Output):

125Hz – 20,000Hz

Amplifier Power (max):

72W x 2 (@ 2 Ohms) / 45W x 2 (@4 Ohms)




368.3 x 279.4 x 144.2 mm

Additional Features:

Tuned Port

Pre-balanced Electronic Crossover

2x External Triggers (12V DC, 2A)

Virtual Bass, DSP EQ, Bass/Treble, Loudness


RF6 Handheld RF Remote Control (included)

RF6 Charging Cable (included)

WR6 Wired Remote Control (sold separately)


Owner's Manual

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