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The PS113 Power Supply features dual voltage and compatibility with all Aquatic AV source units. Entirely waterproof, this device boasts an output of 12V and Amp 4-Position Connectors on the AC side with Spade Connectors on the DC side to make connecting to this power supply a breeze.


  • Dual Voltage Power Supply 240V, 5A

  • Designed to be used with all Aquatic AV Source Units.

  • Conformally Coated PCB.

  • UL and 1563 Certified.

  • CB Approved

  • Amp 4-Position Connector on AC side, 12V Female

  • Spade Connectors on DC side

What's in the Box?

  • 1 power supply unit

Environment Install Instructions

The red wire is the (+) and the black one is the (-) for the output.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will this replace my old Aquatic AV power supply?

A1. No, it will not. The model PS113 power supply cannot be used with a stereo or amplifier. Model PS113 can be used only with LED lights.

Q2. What are the dimensions of this power supply?

A2. The dimensions of this power supply are as follows:



Regulated switching mode power supply (5 A, 12 DC) 100 Watt


Yes – IP65

Input Connector:

4- pin amp/molex input connector

Input Voltage:

100-240V AC(power input autosensing/switching)

Input Frequency:

50/60 Hz



Power Consumption:

≤0.5W (at 240V AC)

Power Factor:

≥0.9 (at full load)

Short Circuit Protection:


Output Connector:

4x female spade connectors (+13V DC (red), Neg (black))

Output Voltage:

12V DC regulated

Output Current:

12.3 A

Ripple & Noise:

260mV (max)

Voltage Accuracy:


Operating Temperature/Storage Temperature:

0°C to 40°C / -20°C to 80°C


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