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SWA6mini Combined Stereo + Subwoofer + Power Supply (SW630)
SWA6mini Combined Stereo + Subwoofer + Power Supply (SW630)

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With all the features of the SWA6 in a compact design, the SWA6Mini stereo and subwoofer also features an attached power supply for ultimate convenience. With 288 Watt total power, and Bluetooth supported by Halo Aerial Technology for an impressive range, this remote ready stereo/subwoofer makes a valuable and high-powered addition to your waterproof audio setup.


  • Bluetooth: Stream music from your favorite device with support for Bluetooth Audio.

  • Halo Aerial Technology: Halo Aerial Technology boosts your Bluetooth signal for superior range in all directions.

  • Built-In Crossovers: Automatically balanced speaker and subwoofer outputs for perfect sound quality without the hassle.

  • 288 Watt Amplifier: Power up to 8 speakers or a combination of speakers and subwoofers thanks to a powerful 288W amplifier. 4 Ohm and 2 Ohm stable.

  • Remote Ready: Connect a wireless remote to control your device and view track info wherever you want. This model is compatible with the RF6 handheld wireless remote control.

  • Tuned Ports: The tuned ports are designed for superior sound quality and improved bass response without increasing the size of the device.

  • Multi-Environment Protection:This device is fully waterproof (rated IPx4) and UV/salt/fog resistant to ensure reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.

  • Two Year Warranty: This product comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration online or via the Aquatic AV App.

Environment Installation Instructions

  • Install on boat (with ignition): yellow wire will connect to the +12 V DC of the battery, red wire will connect to the switch, and black wire will connect to the ground of the battery.

  • Install on spa / home (no ignition): join the yellow and red wire together like "Y" and put it in +12 V DC. Black wire will connect to the ground of the power supply.

  • Power supply must be 12 V DC and 5A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What makes the SWA6Mini different from the SWA6 and SWA6+?

A1. The SWA6Mini is smaller in size and comes with a power supply. The SWA6+ and the SWA6 are combined stereos and subwoofers only. The SWA6+ includes a wireless remote while the SWA6 does not.

Q2. How do I pair my phone with bluetooth?

A2. First, switch on your Bluetooth device. Next, select ‘AQUATIC AV SWA6’ from the list of devices and pair.

Q3. How do I play music while connected to bluetooth?

A3. To play music from the SWA6Mini via bluetooth, follow these instructions:

1. Bluetooth mode will be activated once a bluetooth device is paired.

2. Play the song from the device, and the sound will play.
3. Play/Pause, track forward/back, and volume up/down can be controlled directly from your bluetooth device.





Bluetooth Ready Active Subwoofer with full range speaker output

Subwoofer Cone Size:


Subwoofer Frequency Response:

26 – 125 Hz


4 Ohm & 2 Ohm stable



Power (Max):




Chassis Material:


Cone Material:





2 channel full range output

Amp Frequency Response

125 – 20,000 Hz

Amp Power (Max):

72W x 2 (@ 2 Ohms) / 45W x 2 (@4 Ohms)




330 x 228 x 110 mm

Additional Features:

Tuned port

Pre-balanced electronic cross-over


RF6 REMOTE KIT Handheld Remote (sold separately)

AQ-BTEXT-1 Bluetooth Halo Aerial Technology antenna (included)


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