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What Are You Looking For?


Looking for a way to upgrade your bike’s sound while utilizing RGB illumination? The Ultra Saddlebag 6×9″ Speakers could be your solution. Not only do these speakers provide quality audio so intense that your bike can be heard from miles away, but these saddlebag speakers boast a sleek design with RGB illumination that can be customized to any color you want with just the touch of a screen. A 6×9″ cone allows you to feel the music while you ride, secure in the knowledge that these stereos are not only waterproof but built to withstand a myriad of tough environmental conditions. The Ultra Saddlebag 6×9″ Speakers are designed for Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles from 1998-2013 and 2014+ models.


  • Customizable RGB Illumination Innovative RGB illumination technology lets you customize your style with a spectrum of colors to complement your mood and music.

  • RGB Control at Your Fingertips Unlock a rainbow of color customization options with Aquatic AV’s RGB Controller (sold separately); register your product with Aquatic AV and pair with the app for maximum convenience and ultimate color control.

  • See-Through Grill The grill on these speakers is designed to showcase their style instead of blocking them from view.

  • Classic Wave Logo Badge The ULTRA Saddlebag 6×9″ Speakers showcase Aquatic AV’s classic wave logo badge.

  • 300W Total Power These 4ohm speakers are rated at 300W total power (200W RMS) so your ride can be heard from miles away.

  • 6×9″ Cone Made out of glass fiber and steel, the cone size on these speakers helps you feel every beat of the music.

  • Frequency Response Up to 20,000 Hz guarantees a rich, high-quality sound from these speakers.

  • Amplify Your Sound Pair with one of our compatible waterproof amplifiers (AD300.2Micro, AD500.4, or AD600.5) to upgrade your sound for the ultimate audio experience even in the loudest environments.

  • Multi-Environment Protection This device is fully waterproof (rated IP44) and UV/salt/fog resistant to ensure reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.

  • 2 Year Warranty This product comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration online or via the Aquatic AV App.

What's in the Box?

  • Ultra 6x9" Speakers

Environment Install Instructions

Please note: The HG200 includes only the Ultra Saddlebag 6x9" Speakers and does not include the installation gear available with the purchase of the 6x9" Speaker Kit.

  • Disassemble the bike

  • Run cables to the amplifier

  • Remove the saddlebag lid

  • Use a cut out template

  • Install grill and mounting plate onto the saddlebag lid

  • Reattach the lid to the saddlebag

  • Install the 6x9" speaker

  • Drill the saddlebag for the cables

  • Reattach the saddlebag to the motorcycle

  • Tune the audio system

  • Reassemble the bike

(View the full installation guide for detailed instructions.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which models does the HG200 work with?

A1. The Ultra Saddlebag 6×9″ Speakers are available for 1998-2013 and 2014+ Harley touring motorcycles. If you have questions about compatibility, contact Aquatic AV Support.

Q2. Which RGB controllers work with the HG200?

A2. The Ultra Saddlebag 6×9″ Speakers works best with the Aquatic AV RGB Controller. It could potentially work with other RGB controllers as well, but may require an adapter to do so.

Q3 Do I need an Aquatic AV amplifier in order to use the HG200?

A3. If you are using our amplifier, simply plug the 4-pin connector into the amplifier's rear output. If you are using a third party amplifier or connecting directly to your head unit, you will need our CB112 adapter kit to hardwire the 6x9" harness to the rear channels of your radio.



Full-range, 2-way coaxial speaker



Cone Size:

6×9″ (152.4 x 228.6 mm)

Magnet Weight:

19oz (540 g)

Tweeter Size:

1″ (25.4 mm)

Frequency Response:

45Hz – 20,000Hz


4 Ohm



Power (max):

300W (2 x 150W)

Power (RMS):

200W (2 x 100 W)

Cone Material:

Glass Fiber

Basket Material:


Magnet Material:


Tweeter Material:

Silk Dome

Outside Dimensions:

9.2 x 6.5" (233.5 x 164mm)

Mounting Depth:

3.4" (86 mm)

Overall Depth:

3.8" (98 mm)



Additional Features:

RGB Illumination

Works with Aquatic AV RGB Controller and Mobile App




Owner's Manual

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