Learn how environments work within the Aquatic AV App.

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What are environments?

Environments are a way of organizing your Aquatic AV devices on the app. Our preset environments include Lighting, Marine, Motorcycles, and Powersports/ATV, but you can also create custom environments with unique names and icons. Here are some examples of custom environment names:

  • Bob's Spa

  • Bob's Motorcycle

  • Bob's Backyard

  • Bob's Room

How do I create a new environment?

There are two ways to create a new environment, depending on whether or not you already have an account or are creating one for the first time.

Creating a new environment from a new account:

  1. Create a new account by clicking "create an account" from the launch screen on your phone or computer and filling out the information as requested. Further instructions for creating an account can be found here.

  2. When you reach the step during your account creation where it wants you to select an environment for the device you are registering, you have the option to select from one of our preset environments (Lighting, Marine, Motorcycles, Powersports/ATV), or to create your own custom environment by clicking or tapping "+ Custom Environment" in blue.

4. If you decide to make a custom environment, you will need to enter a name and choose an icon to represent your new environment. Make sure to choose something you will recognize.

6. Confirm that your new environment has been created and saved by going to "My Environments" and looking for the name and icon of your custom environment.

Creating a new environment from your existing account:

  1. Select "Settings" at the bottom of the app.

  2. Select "My Account".

  3. Select "My Environments".

  4. Select "+ Add New Environments" in blue.

  5. Choose from our preset environments or select "+ Custom Environment" in blue.

  6. If applicable, enter a name and choose an icon for your custom environment.

  7. Confirm the creation of your new environment by checking in "My Environments".

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